July 20th, 2012: Shining A New Light

Added on by Ken Maldonado.

 I've used the Vivitar 285HV flash since the begning of my career and it has served me well. I currently own a lighting kit that includes three of them paired with Lumedyne HV TinyCycler batteries and Microsync wireless radio triggers. Lately I've become frustrated by the lack of fine control of the 285HV and began a search for a replacement. I settled on the Yongnuo YN560-II. It offers several stops of light control, in addition to a backlit display which is helpful because I often only use flash in dim light. They are also fully manual, which I prefer because I like having control over my settings. They are also ever so slightly more compact which makes packing them in the lighting bag less of a chore.

So as of today I've switched over to a three light kit of the YN560-II's.