August 8th, 2012

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Police begin a search for a suspect who shot an NYPD officer near the intersection of Union Hall St. and 107th Ave. in Jamaica, Queens. Police say the officer was a Sergeant in the Anti Gang Unit that approcached a suspicious looking man on a bicycle, the man then fled resulting in a foot pursuit during which the suspect then fired at and struck the officer.


A new means of informing travelers made its debut at LaGuardia Airport. A projected concierge nicknamed Marie, after the wife of Fiorello La Guardia plays a recorded 90 second message that relays basic information such as the location of taxi stands, ticketing desks and restrooms. Airport General Manager Tom Bosco believes the new kiosk will be more effective than traditional display monitors in grabbing travelers attention. Two additional units will be installed at Newark and Kennedy Airports. Each unit costs approximately $60,000 dollars and is part of the Port Authority's new Customer Care initiative which also involved the hiring of over 70 new customer service reps. The kiosks will undergo a 6 month trial before the decision is made to install additional units.